Caring for Wood Cutting Blades

With the proper care your wood cutting blades will be one of the hardware products you own that will last for many years. Naturally if you are using your cutting blades all day, every day the wear and tear on these hardware items will decrease their life span significantly.

One of the wood cutting blades in your tool box is probably a tungsten carbide tipped wood cutting blade, also known as TCT tipped blades. The tungsten carbide coating on your wood cutting blades are what make these blades much sharper and last longer than other types of cutting blades.

Keeping your TCT cutting blades clean after cutting through wood and other materials such as plastic, plywood and so forth will help to keep your wood cutting blades in tip top shape. When cutting blades are not kept clean problems may arise during your cutting project. Firstly you may strain your hardware products by using dirty or soiled wood cutting blades. This is because the machine will have to work harder to get the job done. The blades may also heat up significantly and damage the material you are cutting into or the wood cutting blades themselves.

Sometimes you may notice that your blades are taking longer to cut through similar materials you had no problems with then the wood cutting blade was still new. Before you sharpen the blades for better cutting, try cleaning them first. This will also extend the life of the blades, especially if they are diamond blades.

Remember to exercise extreme caution when cleaning your wood cutting blades. Avoid any harsh abrasives as well as cleaning tools that may scratch or scour the surface of the blades. If you are unsure, rather speak to your hardware or tool specialist for the best advice and products to use.

Storing wood cutting blades in the packaging they came in when they are not in use will not only protect them from being damaged against any other of your hardware products, they will also not become a risk for unwanted injury.