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Types of Drilling Equipment

Most will agree that drilling equipment forms part of the most indispensable hardware products you could ever own. Acquiring a drill for the first time will largely depend on the type of drilling you will be doing and this should be determined before investing in any new hardware products.

If you are planning on doing some heavy duty projects you will have to acquire drilling equipment which will endure drilling though hard materials such as brick and concrete. Hammer drills are specifically designed for this purpose. The drilling equipment includes a specialised hammer action that can often be turned on or off on the drill itself. The hammering action in the equipment is found in the chuck – where the drill bit is inserted into the drilling equipment. The drill bit inserted into the chuck is able to move in and out of the equipment whilst still being gripped by the chuck. The movement of the drill bit while drilling essentially creates the hammering action in the hardware product.

For even more heavy duty drilling a rotary hammer drill may be worth investing in. Specialised drill bits which are able to tolerate these harsh materials will be required. Thy will help you make the most of your drilling equipment and prevent damage to your drill and even to yourself. If you are unsure which drill bit to use, be sure to seek the advice of someone specialising in hardware products.

Many drills allow one to disengage the hammer action on the equipment. This feature is very useful if you would also like to use your drilling equipment for smaller DIY projects where the hammer action may not be necessary. The hammer action of your drill may even damage the surface you are drilling into. One may find that some drilling equipment is too large and bulky for delicate projects and may be of no use in hard to reach spaces. A smaller cordless drill is ideal for these types of applications. Not only are smaller cordless drills inexpensive, they are indispensable for simpler projects in and around the home.



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The drilling equipment includes a specialised hammer action that can often be turned on or off on the drill itself.

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