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The Importance of Welding Helmets

With the development of new and innovative products on the market, it seems as though almost everyone is in need of proper hardware products and easy to use tools that get the job done accurately and safely. This also applies to both beginners and experienced welders. There are many safety accessories used by welders, the most important being welding helmets.

Welding can be incredibly harsh on the eyes if you are not properly protected. Some of the dangers include infrared radiation that can quite easily cause retinal burning and cataracts. The UV radiation given off by the welding arc can cause burning to the eye known as welder’s flash which is unfortunately not noticeable immediately. Symptoms usually appear several hours later and include discomfort, swelling and temporary blindness. Thus, it is essential that effective hardware products be used by the welder.

Welding helmets provide protection from sparks and the harsh ultraviolet and infrared light given off by the arc. Fortunately, there are a range of options on the market and it is vital that you choose the right one for you in terms of your job specification, safety and comfort. Some options for welding helmets include passive or auto darkening lens, fixed or variable shade as well as viewing size options.

The differentiation between auto darkening and regular lenses is quite significant. A passive lens helmet uses UV and IR coated glass with a fixed shade. The passive helmet is usually worn in an upright position while the torch is positioned. The operator then nods his head and the helmet snaps into position, before striking an arc.

The auto darkening helmet is much easier to use as it does not require the operator to nod his head every time he needs to strike an arc or check his weld. The helmet uses sensors that quickly detect a lit arc and automatically adjust the shade of lens. Since the helmet never has to move, it makes welding much easier when using an auto darkening helmet. You do not have to worry about messy work or having to constantly snap the helmet back into position while working!

Using the correct hardware products goes a long way in ensuring your work is always of top quality. It is vital that you conduct your research well before purchasing welding helmets. For durable and reliable hardware products, welders’ helmets and much more contact Augusta Tool Suppliers today!



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