Different Types of Drill Bits

When it comes to a broad application such as drilling, or the diverse use of drilling equipment, it is essential that you utilise the best tools and supplies available. Using the wrong drill bit or an inferior quality product can have detrimental effects on the task or project you are working on. Not only will the work be affected, but you may also endanger the lives of others, particularly if it is a construction or engineering project. This piece will focus on some of the different drill bits you can utilise, and how they are best used.

Twist bits are probably the most common type of drill bit used with both electric and hand drills. The sharp front end of the bit cuts the material you are drilling into while the spirals cut into the length and help remove debris and dust, whilst keeping the bit straight. These bits can be used on most materials including most varieties of wood, metal and plastics.

These drill bits are made for drilling into materials such as brick, stone, concrete or masonry tiles. These are similar to twist bits, but for the fact that they usually have a tungsten carbide bonded or durium tips. Masonry drill bits can be used with a drill that has hammer action. It is important that you avoid inexpensive bits when using a hammer action drill as the cheaper bits have been known to shatter when subjected to hammer action. This is unnecessarily costly and ineffective, so it’s best to stick with high quality masonry bits.

The spur point bit is also known simply as a wood bit. As the name implies these bits are used for drilling into timber. The tips of these bits have two raised spurs that allow the bit to drill straight. These bits leave clean holes, parallel holes which makes them ideal when using dowels. Spur point bits come in a variety of sizes to suit your unique needs and industrial applications. It is vitally important that you use the correct drill bits together with your high quality drilling equipment. Remember to keep your bits stored safely so that they don’t roll around and damage the cutting edges. Always ensure that your drill bit is designed for the task and material at hand in order to avoid comebacks, damage and irate clients.

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