Hose Fittings for your Garden

Irrigating your garden does not have to be a nightmare and long gone are the days where you have to stand for hours in the sun and water your pants with a hose by hand. Fortunately, there are a several ways in which you can simplify your gardens irrigation. This can be achieved either by installing an irrigation system of by relying on the many hose fittings and sprinkler systems available on the market these days.

Deciding on installing an irrigation system does also not have to be a costly affair. There are a number of hose fittings, pipes and sprayers one can simply purchase form your local hardware store. If you feel up to it, designing and installing your own irrigation can be quite simple. You may even decide to couple the system to an electronic timer to make your life even easier. If this all seems too much for you, there are companies that are able to assist you and install the entire system including pipes, hose fittings, connectors and sprayers.

If you are not keen on installing an irrigation system, you can easily pick up a few supplies form your local hardware store or tool supplier. You will need to get a hosepipe or two and some hose fittings and sprayers. Make sure that the hose fittings you purchase are compatible with the sprayer you have chosen to suit your needs. Sprayers also come in an array of sizes and shapes for different watering needs. You can purchase a basic hose set which will include hose connectors, adaptors and a nozzle which fits onto the hose. One can usually adjust the spray of these hand-held sprayers in order to regulate the water flow and strength of the spray.

A sprinkler that can be placed in your garden is often an affordable and easy to use alternative for most gardeners. These are simply attached to a hose fitting and left to water an area for a certain amount of time. Once the area has been watered sufficiently, all you need to do is move the sprayer, fitting and hosepipe to water another area in your garden.