Maintaining Blades and Drilling Equipment

Purchasing and maintaining high quality wood cutting blades and drilling equipment is by no means a trivial task. Aside from sourcing your tools from a high-quality, reputable service provider, you also need to adopt a cleaning and maintenance regimen that maximises the lifespan of your tools. In addition to allowing your tools and equipment to last longer, proper care will also improve their effectiveness. This means you will be able to consistently perform your cutting and drilling activities with your usual high standards of workmanship and without having to prematurely replace or repair tools and accessories.

One of the most valuable general-purpose tools for any workman, from household handyman to commercial and industrial specialist, is the tungsten carbide tipped (TCT) wood cutting blade. The carbide coating on these wood cutting blades makes them sharper and much longer lasting than other blades. Maintaining this and other blades in your workshop or factory calls for the appropriate cleaning tools and products. It is prudent to consult with professionals who would be able to advise you on the best options available. Using the wrong tools and, or products can have disastrous consequences leading to damage of the blade, the materials you are working with and possibly the power tool itself. It's therefore vital to check if your blades require cleaning before proceeding to sharpen them.

In addition to blades and cutters you can also expect to find drilling equipment on any typical project site. Some of these are more specialized, for instance the hammer drill is designed for drilling through masonry materials, such as brick and concrete. As the name suggests, the hammer drills works by hammering back and forth rather than the continuous grinding action that most drills use. Masonry will make ‘short work’ of any non-hammer drill, so take care to avoid using a wood drill on masonry material.

In order to prevent damage to your drilling equipment, it is very important to ensure that you clean your power tools using suitable and safe commercial cleaning products and tools before and after use. This will substantially increase the longevity of your tools, as residue on your wood cutting blades or on your drilling equipment will create strain on these tools when used. This of-course diminishes their efficiency and lifespan.

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